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The Franconian family business “Hörrlein Feinkost International GmbH” was established in 1923 by the family named Hörrlein in Adelsdorf . We are one of the first organic certified finefood producers in our region and from 1923 we are keeping up with our good reputation. From a horseradish producer to an organic specialist.

In the meantime we have built a small Franconian series and have concentrated us, however, on organic, vegetarian finefood. Besides horseradish, we offer antipasti, mayonnaise and other spreads, as well as pasta companions.

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The horseradish cultivation

Horseradish is made from the horseradish root. It is odorless when raw. However, as soon as it is cut, broken or rubbed, the enzymatic action produces a pungent and intense odor. Horseradish should never be boiled, as the heat destroys its spiciness.

For the cultivation of horseradish one naturally needs the horseradish roots and a deep soil that can be easily penetrated by roots and is workable. This guarantees straight growth and an easy harvest. The plant prefers a shady place and loves humus and moisture, so the plant hole should be about 30 cm deep and thoroughly watered with a layer of compost.

The next step is to put the roots halfway into the ground. Complete fertilizer before and during the growing season is a good helper for healthy, vigorous growth of the horseradish. Randomly formed flowering shoots should be removed as soon as possible as they weaken and damage the plant. The plants should be planted at a distance from each other. Finally, the roots are almost completely covered with soil, but the heads should protrude 2-3 cm above the soil surface.

Root growth ends when the leaves die; this is also the time when the harvest begins. The harvest can take place from autumn to spring, before the roots sprout again. If a new crop is to follow after harvesting, all rootstocks must be removed, otherwise the horseradish will become weeds.

Around 95% of the harvest goes to industrial processing. In the delicatessen industry, horseradish is treated so gently that not only does it retain its appearance and intense taste, but also its numerous ingredients. Horseradish finds its way onto the grocery shelves in jars in mixtures such as apple, vegetable, cream or table horseradish.

This traditional cultivation also produces our regional Franconian and fresh horseradish, which we obtain from regional organic farms. This specialty is then freshly processed and filled into our Franken Kren products ready to eat.

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The origin of our ingredients

Many customers would like to know where our raw materials come from.
Since we value transparency and high quality, we have listed our main raw materials for you to see where they come from.

Zutaten Strauchtomaten Ajvar Gelbe-Senfsaat Knoblauchzehen Meerrettich Oliven Vegetarische Bolognese Pesto

Bewegen Sie den Zeiger über das Bild und klicken Sie auf den Begriff, der Sie interessiert.

Herkunft unseres Pestos Herkunft unserer Strauchtomaten Herkunft unseres Ajvars Herkunft unserer vegetarischen Bolognese Herkunft unserer Oliven Herkunft unserer Knoblauchzehen Herkunft unseres Meerrettichs Herkunft unserer gelben Senfsaaten

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